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Benefits of cloud for education


Teachers aren’t always near their desk or classroom phone. With our app, you can get calls routed to your mobile phone, and even get voicemails sent directly to your email.


Be able to see staff availability, transfer urgent calls, and start conference calls. You can even broadcast text messages to send important messages to a group at the same time – great for snow closings and delays!


Education budgets rarely include money for advanced technology. Press8 allows you to upgrade to state-of-the-art technology economically, with options for voice and video that don’t require any new equipment purchases.


Office administrators can plan for the short term or years to come with the scalability of Press8 cloud communications. Service plans and devices are designed for any sized building or school, including common area phones, e911 availability, desktop and mobile communication, and collaboration apps.


Eliminate project delays. Instant collaboration, group chats and video sharing increases team productivity. All students involved in a group project can participate from anywhere, so assignments can get done on time.


With 8 redundant data centers across North America, Press8 takes your communication security seriously. We help protect against fraudulent activity, natural disasters and other business continuity issues. Read the Security Datasheet.

School VoIP phone system FAQs

A school VoIP is a virtual phone system that is configured for the needs of your school. VoIP allows you to make calls using an existing internet connection, rather than traditional hard-wired phone lines. VoIP is easy to configure for your school – can get an extension number for each teacher and staff member, advanced voicemail features, and everything else you need to facilitate connections between your students, faculty, and parents.

The most important piece of equipment for VoIP is a high-speed internet connection and a VoIP service provider. Your VoIP service provider can give you physical phones that are compatible or you can use a mobile app, like the one offered by Nextiva, to receive calls from your desktop computer or iPad.

There are many features of VoIP that are beneficial for educational institutions. First of all, you will get advanced voicemail features like voicemail transcriptions sent directly to your email so teachers can save time by reading messages and then return calls at their convenience.

Other VoIP features that your school will love include:

  • Unlimited calling
  • Low-cost long distance calling
  • Virtual voicemail
  • Auto attendant for call routing
  • One-click conference calling
  • Use your business phone number from anywhere with our mobile app

VoIP phone service
that can stand up
in the classroom.

Technology is always changing. And expectations – from parents, school boards, and accreditation agencies – are higher than ever. One way you can keep up is by being available and “one call away” with reliable VoIP service for education.

VoIP is a fully cloud-based solution to phone calls. No more hard-wired phones and copper wires. Get VoIP for education and your phones will operate using your existing internet connection. Because there’s no hard wiring, it’s easy to scale with your team – add or remove lines as needed.

VoIP allows your teachers and staff to be completely mobile. They can take and make calls from their personal phone but while actually placing the call with their business phone number. This means they can connect with parents and students whenever they need to, while keeping their privacy and autonomy, i.e. make calls from home but no one knows your home phone number!

Features you’ll love about VoIP for education:

  • Unlimited lines that scale with your team
  • Advanced voicemail features like visual voicemail sent to email
  • Call queues
  • Virtual agent routing (callers can select the desired extension)
  • Compatible with physical devices
  • Less equipment needed – mobile app functionality turns your desktop computer into a phone
  • One-touch conference calling
  • Video conferencing capabilities

Why your school should switch to VoIP.

If you still have a PBX phone system, you can save tons of money by switching to VoIP. Not only does VoIP cost less for the monthly service, but you’ll spend less in maintenance expenses. If you’re hosting your own PBX, you can get rid of the servers and staff required to run it.

VoIP phone systems are hosted by the VoIP service provider, relieving you of the maintenance. VoIP providers like Press8 have 99.999% uptime guarantee and award-winning customer service to support you. Plus, we have 24/7 monitoring & security to ensure your data is safe.

Your students rely on you. Get a reliable VoIP phone system so you never miss an important call.

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