What is remote access?

Remote access allows you to call into the system then make calls out. This takes one of three forms:

  • A number that you call, and a menu then asks you for a number to call. This is the most common use for remote access; if in doubt use this type.
  • The system calls you back. You dial the remote access number from the number specified, and hang up once you hear it ring. The system will then call you at the number specified. Once you answer, you are asked for a number to call.
  • The system directly calls the number you dialed after stripping off the authentication prefix. This type is only used to accept outbound calls from customers’ SIP devices that cannot use normal SIP authentication. In this case, the device can add a secret prefix to the called number.

To setup remote access, go to your Press8 Telecom Control Panel and choose: Features=>Remote Access.

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