Zoiper Softphone Setup on Android or IOS

You will need your access credentials from Press8 support.  These credentials will look like:

Username:  “1234567@sip.press8.com”

Password: “ju76trfd43”

Go to your App store and search for “Zoiper Lite”, download and open the App.

Enter your username and password when presented with the Account Setup screen and click on “Create an account”.  Only use the first 7 digits for the username here without the @sip.press8.com.

When prompted for your “hostname”, enter “sip.press8.com” (which may be pre-filled).

Do not check the checkbox on the next screen for “My provider requires an authentication….”

The next screen offers a configuration choice.  Zoiper will test the “SIP TCP”.  If it is listed as “found”, then leave that selection and click on “Finish”.  If it is not found, then please go back and re-enter your username and password, as they must have been entered incorrectly, or you do not have an active internet connection to your phone (wi-fi, 4G, 3G, etc).

You will be asked for permission to access your contacts in order to be able to search your contacts from within the Zoiper APP.  We recommend accepting this permission request.

For “Stop Optimizing battery Usage”, choose accordingly.  This setting can be controlled in the settings section of the App.

Record Audio?  Select Allow, as the App will not work without this permission.

Additional permissions for access to other features will ensue, so choose according to your wishes.

This is a free app with an available Premium version, that will allow you, among other things, to transfer calls.  Go to Premium Features under the “menu” button in the upper left corner of the screen.

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