How to Use a Yealink VoIP Phone on a Wi-Fi Network

If you have a Yealink VoIP phone, here are instructions for how to use it on a Wi-Fi network:

First, Purchase the Adapter (Dongle)

In order to use your Yealink on Wi-Fi, you will need to purchase an adapter or ‘dongle’. You can purchase these online for around $40. Just search on ‘Yealink wifi dongle’. This is what will be used to connect your phone to Wi-Fi. Be sure you purchase the correct adapter.

Choose the Correct Yealink VoIP Phone Dongle

WF50: Compatible with Yealink SIP-T27G/T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S/T53
WF50 Datasheet

The WF50 User Guide is attached.

WF40: Compatible with SIP-T27G,T29G,T46G,T48G,T46S,T48S,T52S

WF40 Datasheet

The WF40 User Guide is attached.

WF 50 Dongle W40 Dongle


Please read the attachment for all the instructions to connect your Yealink VoIP phone to Wi-Fi.

The Dongle Attaches to the Back of the Yealink Phone

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