How can I use my existing VoIP telephone with Press8 Telecom?

When you order a VoIP (IP) phone from Press8, we will send it to you pre-previsioned meaning that it is all programmed and ready to use. Just plug your phone into the Internet.

If you have another IP phone that you purchased from another vendor you should be able to use it with our system. Any SIP-compliant IP device will allow you to make use of the services offered. In order to configure your SIP device, please use the following settings:

SIP Username or User ID: This will be the 7-digit extension number associated with your Telephone in the Press 8  Communications Control Panel under Telephone Lines.
SIP Password: The password is the associated password that you created with your Telephone line in the Press 8 Communications Control Panel.
SIP Registrar (or proxy):
SIP Port: 5060
SIP Expire (also known as re-register time): 300 seconds

*Note: If your IP device will be on a private IP address (this will be the most common scenario), we recommend enabling any NAT keep-alive functions your SIP device offers you. Please contact us should you have any questions about what configuration settings will work best for you.

Generally any IP device will have suitable default settings for everything other than the above items. Most devices will have a built-in web server to easily input your configuration, but can normally be also configured via the telephone’s keypad.

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