How to Use Your Polycom VVX Phone on a Wi-Fi Network – for Home or Office

You can enable wireless connectivity for your USB-enabled Polycom VVX phone by using the Wi-Fi wireless network adapter (sometimes called a ‘dongle’.)

Obtaining a Polycom OBi WiFi Adapter

Press8 does not sell the Polycom OBi WiFi adapter. The device is widely available from major online retailers such as Voipsupply, Amazon, or New Egg. The retail price is around $30.00 each. Just search for ‘Polycom obi wifi’.

Only These Polycom Models that will allow Wi-Fi connectivity:

VVX 250
VVX 350
VVX 450
VVX 401
VVX 501
VVX 601

Prerequisite: Before setting up a wireless network, make sure that you connect the VVX phone to its power adapter.


1. Insert the Polycom Wi-Fi wireless network adapter into the USB port of your VVX phone.
2. Select Start.
3. Select Wi-Fi, then select On.
4. Select Yes to reboot the phone.
5. After the phone reboots, Wi-Fi is enabled.

The phone scans for wireless networks and lists any that are available. If the phone does not automatically scan, select Scan to manually initiate a Wi-Fi network scan.

Note: The administrator can configure the regulatory domain for your location and radio frequency bands on which the wireless network operates. If not configured, the phone uses the Global regulatory domain and 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz default radio bands.

To Connect to a Secured Wireless Network

Polycom UC software supports different wireless network security profiles like Personal and Enterprise mode for better security. You can select a PSK or an enterprise-based security option to connect your VVX phone to a secured wireless network.

1. Go to Settings > Basic > Wi-Fi.
2. Do one of the following:
For a WPA(2)-PSK network: enter the Password.
For a WPA2-enterprise network: enter User ID and Password.
3. Select Connect.
4. The phone connects to the Wi-Fi network and displays the Wi-Fi connection status on the Menu and Home screens.

Supported Enterprise Security Modes:


Note: Your administrator sets the appropriate EAP method to connect to an enterprise-based network.
Disconnect from a Wireless Network

1. Go to Settings > Basic > Wi-Fi.
2. Select the connected wireless network SSID from the list.
3. Select Disconnect.


Firmware will show the WiFi option under Settings > Basic > Wi-Fi even if no dongle is installed.

Enabling Wi-Fi automatically disables the LAN (Ethernet) port.

You cannot use Wireless and Wired connections simultaneously to connect your VVX phones to the network.

WEP is not supported.

No Video calls or IPv6

New VVX250, VVX350 or VVX450 cannot use USB Headset concurrently at present

Some Polycom VVX phones will have Bluetooth capability but always require the USB dongle to actually connect to WiFi networks.

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