Setting up the ability for a public number to ring multiple telephones is best setup using either a Hunt Group or a Call Queue. Your choice will depend on what your call routing needs are. For example, if you would like for your callers to hear music-on-hold while the telephones are rung in a linear or round robin manner, a Call Queue would work best. If you would like to just ring all of the telephones at once, or ring telephones by cascading multiple levels of telephones, a Hunt Group would suit best.

Hunt Groups are free while Call Queues are an extra cost.

Hunt Groups: FREE

Dial more than one phone number simultaneously or in sequence. No hold music. Just ringing.

Call Queues: ADD’L COST

Dial more than one number using intelligent routing. Intelligent Routing checks to see which of the attendants have been on the phone the least amount of time. You also get music or message while on hold and the ability to dial a number and leave a message at any time.

First, contact Press8 support and ask them to set up a Hunt Group or Call Queue.

Once we have created your Hunt Group or Queue, you can direct your number to it by following these instructions:

1. Log into your Press 8 Telecom Control Panel.

2. Navigate to Devices and Numbers >> Numbers

3. Select the Number you wish to work with.

4. Under the “Route calls to:” section, choose the destination (Hunt Group or Call Queue) you wish to direct your public number to. Use the drop-down to choose Hunt Group or Call Queue, and then the arrow below it to choose the name of the Hunt Group or Call Queue.


5. Click Save.  You’re finished!