How can I check my voicemail?

There are three options available for managing your voice mail messages including:

  • Via e-mail delivery
  • Via the web
  • Through a telephone

To check your messages from a VoIP phone on your account:

Dial *1 to login directly to your voice mailbox without prompting you to enter the mailbox number/password.
Dial *2 to be prompted for the mailbox number and password before being able to manage messages.

You may also create a Feature Code if you wish to use a different shortcut to manage your messages.

To find out about Feature Codes, search the Knowledgebase for ‘Feature Codes’.

To check your messages via e-mail delivery:

Voice mail messages are automatically sent by e-mail to the address associated with the owner of a mailbox.

To see who is associated with a voice mail box, login to your Press8 Telecom Control Panel and go to: Features=>Mailboxes (you must be an Administrator).

To check your messages from an external telephone:

The simplest method of checking your voice mail messages externally is to call your number and dial your number and your extension. Once you hear your voice mail greeting playing, press the “*” key. You’ll then be prompted to enter your voice mail box number and then your PIN.  You will then be within the voice menu options.

You can also create a Feature Code to point to your voice mail box. The feature code may then be accessible via an IVR or any other means of your call being routed to the feature code via your public number. For information on how to setup a feature code, go to the Forums and search on ‘feature codes’.

To check your messages via the web:

The Press8 Telecom Control Panel lets you listen to your messages. If you have any messages, they can be sorted by date and time, duration, or caller.

  1. Log in to the Press8 Telecom Control Panel .
  2. Go to the Messages=>Voicemails.
  3. Choose a Voicemail Box.
  4. By default, all messages are shown. If you only wish to see a certain type, click on the appropriate menu option.
  5. If you have access to more than one mailbox, you will be asked to choose which.
  6. Select the search and sort options for the messages you wish to see.
  7. Click the “Update” button.
  8. To download a message, click on it.
  9. To listen to it on your phone, click ‘Play by call’ and input a phone number to play it on. (no dashes)
  10. To delete, copy, or move messages, select the boxes beside the messages and click the appropriate button at the bottom.


Below is the menu structure once logged in to your voice mail box for managing greetings, managing messages and folders, etc:  Please note that your mailbox comes with two possible greetings:  One greeting when you are unavailable (phone is on hook and not answered) and the other when you are busy (phone is off hook or set to DND).  These greetings may be recorded through the mailbox options.

  • 1: Listen to voice mail messages
    • 3: Advanced options
      • 1: Reply
      • 2: Call Caller
      • 3: Envelope
    • 4: Play previous message
    • 5: Repeat current message
    • 6: Play next message
    • 7: Delete current message
    • 8: Forward message to another mailbox
    • 9: Save message in a folder
    • *: Help; rewind during message playback
    • #: Exit; skip forward during message playback
  • 2: Change folders
    • A menu is then played of existing folders
    • #: Exit
  • 3: Advanced options
    • 4: To place an outgoing call
    • *: Return to the main menu
  • 0: Mailbox options
    • 1: Record your unavailable greeting
    • 2: Record your busy greeting
    • 3: Record your name
    • 4: Manage your temporary greeting
    • 5: Change your password
    • *: Return to the main menu
  • *: Help
  • #: Exit
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