On Hold Music or Message File Size & Type

If you are going to create your own on hold message or music, you can do that. Just use the following settings for your file that you give to us to add to your system.

.wav file format
44100 Sample Rate
16 Bit PCM
Mono (Not Stereo)

For a suggested length, most businesses go with a message that is 30 seconds to 1 minute long, and it will loop.
You can find Royalty Free music to use for on these sites:
www.beatsuite.com, www.studiocutz.com, and www.ibaudio.com.
To order a professionally recorded message on hold with music in the background, go to:
http://press8.audioproduction.com or http://www.voices.com
Once you have your .wav file, just email it to our support team via our Help Desk.

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