How to use the park feature on Bria?

To park a call using Bria, dial #0*7 (# zero * 7)

Using the “Park” feature on Bria, a softphone application, involves a few straightforward steps:

1. **Initiate or Receive a Call**: First, either make a call to someone or answer an incoming call using the Bria interface.

2. **Access the Call Options**: Look for the call options on your Bria interface during the call. These are usually displayed on the screen during an active call.

3. **Select the Park Option**: Find and click the “Park” button or option. This feature may be listed under additional call options or features, depending on the layout of your Bria interface.

4. **Wait for the Park Confirmation**: Bria will place the call on hold and assign it to a virtual parking spot once you select the Park option. You will typically receive a notification or an audible confirmation indicating the call is parked and the specific parking spot number or code.

5. **Inform the Intended Recipient**: If necessary, inform the person who needs to pick up the parked call about the parking spot number or code. This can be done via an intercom, messaging, or another call.

6. **Retrieve the Parked Call**: To retrieve the call, you or the intended recipient should enter the provided parking spot number (i.e. 750 extension) or code into their Bria interface. This action will connect them to the parked call.

Remember, the exact steps can vary slightly based on the version of Bria you are using and any specific configurations set by your organization’s IT department. Always consult your user manual or IT support for tailored guidance.


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