How to check on system status

To check on the Press8 system status, go to our System Status Page.

Checking a system’s status page before contacting support is crucial for several reasons:

1. **Gain Immediate Information**: You can get real-time updates on the service status, including any ongoing issues or maintenance activities, by checking the status page.

2. **Save Time**: If there’s a known issue, you avoid the need to contact support and potentially face long wait times, especially during widespread problems.

3. **Optimize Support Resources**: By not reaching out for known issues, you help free support resources to tackle undocumented or new issues, enhancing the support team’s overall efficiency.

4. **Access Actionable Advice**: Status pages often offer guidance or workarounds for current issues, providing you with immediate solutions or tips to manage the situation.

5. **Understand Severity and Scope**: The status page provides insights into a problem’s widespread and impact level, helping you set realistic expectations for resolution times.

6. **Plan Effectively**: By knowing the issue’s status and expected resolution time, you can better organize your tasks and inform stakeholders of potential delays.

7. **Keep Communication Lines Clear**: Fewer calls to support known issues ensure that communication lines remain open for more critical, individual problems.

8. **Receive Updates and Notifications**: Many status pages allow you to subscribe to updates, ensuring you’re promptly informed when the issue is resolved or significant developments occur.

9. **Develop Self-Service Skills**: Regularly checking the status page encourages a habit of self-service, a key skill in technology management and troubleshooting.

10. **Reduce Frustration**: Knowing that an issue is recognized and being addressed can lessen the frustration associated with encountering problems, assuring you that the provider is actively working on a solution.

In summary, checking a system’s status page before contacting support saves time, optimizes resources, provides immediate and actionable information, and helps you manage your activities more effectively.



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