Hunt Groups are Used to Route Calls

  • Hunt Groups describe where the system should send an incoming call. You can send it to multiple places and if you do you can ring in sequence or simultaneously.
  • Within a hunt group, destinations are arranged into levels. All destinations within a level are rung at the same time. (If you want all your destinations to ring simultaneously, just set all destinations within Level 1).
  • When a level answers the call it stops the ringing. (unlike page groups). If no destinations within a level answer, all destinations in the next level are rung, and so on until there is no answer at which time the call is sent to “Default Destination if No Levels Answer” (and you can choose what to do then as well).
  • If you don’t know what to put in a field, just leave the default.


To add a new hunt group:

1. Log in to the Press8 Telecom Control Panel.

2. If you wish to record calls coming/made from this hunt group, make a record group first. (You can do this under Features>>Call Recording).

3. Go to Features » Hunt groups.

4. Click the “New” button.

5. You will see this screen next

6. Enter the following:

  • You must choose a name for the hunt group.
  • Optionally a description.
  • The owner. This person may edit the hunt group even if they are not an administrator.
  • How long each level rings for. This can be overridden per level later.
  • The hunt group type, which controls the order the levels are rung in. Options are “Linear: Always start at level 1”, “Circular: Start at next level from the previous call”, “Smart linear: Last level that answered, then linear”, and “Smart circular: Last level that answered, then circular”.
  • The record group if you have any. (Set this up under Features>>Call Recording)
  • Whether you want to play music or a ringing sound to the caller as they wait for someone to answer.
  • The music on hold you choose to use if you chose “play music” above. (We have default music you can choose from).
  • Whether to screen calls. If set to yes, any destinations answering will be asked if they wish to accept the call. While the caller information is being played, other destinations will continue to ring. The first destination to accept gets the call, and other destinations are dropped immediately.
  • Whether to allow destinations to forward calls onwards. This is not recommended as it can cause loops.

7. Click the “Save” button.

8. Scroll down the screen and click on “New” under “Destinations, Level 1”

10. You will be taken to this screen next.

  • For “Level” choose the level the destination will be on with 1 being the first level group to ring.
  • Typically you would choose “Telephone Line” under “Destination” and choose a user as a destination. Then click the arrow below and search for the user to ring.
  • You can leave the others as default.

10. Click “Save”.

11. Continue to add new levels as needed.

12. When you are done adding all the levels & destinations, you will click on “Hang Up Call” which is the default destination if none of the levels answer.

13. You can change the default destination or leave it as “Hang up Call”

You can now use your new Hunt Group throughout the Press8 Control Panel for routing calls.