Click to Call Google Chrome Extension

Press8 offers a Google Chrome browser extension that detects telephone numbers on any web page and turns them into clickable links.  An account with Press8 Telecom is required in order to link the clickable link to a telephone making the call.

For setup, you will need your login credentials for your account with Press8 Telecom. Login to our online control panel here and the assignment of a telephone line extension, expressed as a 7-digit number seen under Features/Telephone lines.

This extension is called “Click to Call”.  It may be added to Chrome by following this link:

Click on “Add to Chrome” and confirm the permission request to “Add extension”.  You will then be presented with the following important form:

Please complete this form with the indicated information.  Items surrounded by the < > marks are unique from your account with Press8.  Insert your 10 digit callerid number from a telephone number on your Press8 account with no spaces or dashes.  Click “Save”

You may close the window showing this form.  This Chrome extension can be further configured by right-clicking the icon at the far right of your Chrome window and choosing “Manage extensions”.

You will now see phone numbers show up on Chrome web pages with a round blue telephone icon like:

Click on this icon and wait for a call from our system to the telephone line added to the setup form.  It may indicate “Unknown” as the caller ID.  Answer that call, and our system will then connect your phone to the telephone number that you clicked on in Chrome.

If you are not seeing the blue telephone icon, then please restart Chrome by closing all your Chrome windows.

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