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Setting Up Your Phone System

How to use the park feature on Bria?

To park a call using Bria, dial #0*7 (# zero * 7)  

How much bandwidth do we need to use VoIP?

Technically, a VoIP phone conversation only utilizes 100kbps of bandwidth in each direction.  However, there are other concurrent needs for bandwidth during…

How to Change Your Companies Main Greeting

To change your companies main greeting you must first record your new greeting or have us record it for you (for just $30…

Options for Working Remotely

Ways to Work Remotely with Press8 1. Bring your desk phone home. You will need a power supply. 2. Use Bria Solo on your PC or iPad and use a headset with a microphone. 3. Use Bria Solo or Bria Mobile on your Smartphone. 1. Using Your Desk Phone at Home The most straightforward option, ... Read more

Click to Call Google Chrome Extension

Press8 offers a Google Chrome browser extension that detects telephone numbers on any web page and turns them into clickable links.  An…

On Hold Music or Message File Size & Type

If you are going to create your own on hold message or music, you can do that. Just use the following settings…

How to check on system status

To check on Press8 system status, go to our System Status Page.

How can I test my internet connection?

You can go to any of the following sites to test your internet connection: is an HTML5-based speed test that’s…

How can I setup voicemail to text transcription?

All Press8 Telecom customers are allowed one voicemail to text transcription per user on their account. It includes 2 minutes of transcription…

How can I forward calls to my extension to another number temporarily?

Steps * You must be the owner of the extension you are forwarding or have Admin privileges. 1. Log in to with your…

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