Setting up a Virtual Extension on a VoIP Phone (ie break room, or temporary office)

Often a visiting staff member may need to occupy the office of another staff member and desires to have the phone in that office temporarily act as the visitor’s phone. Or, you may have a phone in the waiting room or the break room. In cases like these, we can give you a Virtual Extension to use.

Virtual Extensions do not have voicemail or login to the Press8 Control Panel, but they can be used to receive/make calls to/from that extension.

This type of extension is referred to as a Virtual Extension and requires a login sequence with a telephone account number and PIN to be set up initially.

Please call Press8 support to get the telephone number and pin to use to set up your phone as a Virtual Extension.
To set up a Virtual Extension on a telephone, enter the Virtual Telephone Login Feature code *88. (Given to you by Press8 Support)
Follow the prompts to enter your 7-digit telephone account number followed by ‘#’ and the assigned PIN followed by ‘#’.  The phone is now in the Virtual Extension mode.  If you are manually changing the destination of your public telephone number to this virtual extension, then do so according to those instructions so that your outside calls will be directed to your virtual extension.

To remove the Virtual Extension number from the telephone, enter the same feature code *88, then you will be asked for the telephone account number followed by ‘#’.

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