How to login to the Press8 Control Panel?

You can login to the Press8 Telecom Control Panel through a web browser at the following address:

You can watch a video on how to login to your control panel here:

Levels of Access
The Press8 web interface provides you three levels of access. If you login as an administrator (your default user) you have full control of the entire panel for all features; for example, you can create IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or Queues according to your own requirement or a particular theme. A user is able to manage voice mail boxes within his/her control, as well as manage owned telephones.

When you choose “Messages only” status, you can only manage voice mail messages.

Logging on
Every user is given a unique Username and Password. If you have lost your password, click on: “Lost Password” and your password will be emailed to you. If you do not have a login yet, contact your Administrator and their can set you up or they can call Press8 technical support to set you up as a user.

If after trying to login, you keep getting the login screen again

This means that you are entering the incorrect username or password. Click on ‘Lost Password’ instead and have your password emailed to you, or contact your Administrator who can give you your username and password information.

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