How do I use the Call Recording feature?

Telephone conversation recording can be enabled in your Press8 Telecom Control Panel. Please see below for further instructions.

WARNING: Check the local laws in your area before enabling call recordings! There may be laws against the use of call recording or stipulations that must be followed!

To enable call recording you must first sign up for this add-on feature by emailing and requesting it is added to your account.

1. Login to your Press8 Telecom Control Panel.

2. Select the Call recording option in your Features menu.  If you are unable to do so, then call recording will need to be activated for your plan.  Charges may apply.

3. You will need to create a new recording group. Select Add a new group.

4. Multiple recording options are now provided:

  • *Name – A name must be given for your recording group.
  • Description – An optional field further describing the group.
  • Record calls in – Specifies whether or not to record incoming phone calls.
  • Record calls out – Specified whether or not to record outgoing phone calls.
  • Percentage of calls to record – Since you may not want to store 100% of your telephone recordings, you can specify a percentage of calls to record.
  • Default expiry time (days) – Select the number of days before the recordings expire and are removed from the system.

5. Select the Save option when completed.

You’re finished! Now, when viewing the configuration for recordable items like telephones and queues, a Record Group option will be available where you can select the recording group of your preference. The ability to have multiple recording groups is useful if for example, you would like to record 100% of your direct telephone calls, but only 50% of the calls that are answered by a queue.

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