How can we get call recording on our account?

Call recording is a powerful tool that your business can use to help in training and for monitoring your customer support. There is an extra cost for call recording.

Press8 Telecom
Call Recording Pricing per month (does not apply to call centers)
All call recordings are retained at and may also be delivered by email after completion of the recording.
Retention Period (days)
Recording Calls: 30 90 365
Per Extension
records all inbound and outbound calls for an extension and stores recordings in separate group.
($2.99ea for 10 or more extensions)
($6.99ea for 10 or more extensions)
($12.99ea for 10 or more extensions)
Per Telephone Number
records all inbound calls to a telephone number
$14.99  $29.99  $49.99
Access to call recordings may be restricted to administrators on the account, and users may also be allowed access to manage call recording files for their extension.


In order for us to setup call recording on your account, simply put in a help desk ticket ( and let us know the following:

1. Where you would like to record calls, either per extension or per number.

2. If you would like to recordings emailed to you as well, and if so, the email address to send them to.

All recordings are stored in your account and can be accessed within the  Press8 Control Panel ( by anyone in your organization with Admin access. So, be sure you know who your Admins are and be sure that you want them to have access.

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