How can I restrict certain telephone numbers?

Press8 Telecom provides a flexible class of service tool that allows you to easily define rules for internal and external calls matching whole or part of a telephone number. Please follow the instructions below to learn how to make use of this tool:

1. Login to your Press8 Telecom Control Panel.

2. Select the Classes of service option in the Features menu navigation.

3. Select Add a new class to begin your new class of service.

4. You will be prompted to enter some basic details to create your class of service:

*Name – Enter a name for your class of service.

Description – An optional description for your class of service.

Internal calls – Allow or Refuse will be the default behavior for internal calls.

External calls – Allow or Refuse will be the default behavior for external calls.

5. Select Save to save your configuration.

6. Your class of service has now been created. Since you’ll probably want to add exceptions to this, return back to your Classes of service menu, and select your newly created class.

7. The Add a new exception option is now available. Please select this option.

8. Enter a telephone number or the prefix to a telephone number and the appropriate option to allow or refuse the call.

9. Once finished, click on the Save option. You can continue to add multiple exceptions until your class of service is complete.
10. In: Features=>Telephone Lines you can set any telephone line you wish to use this class of service. Any telephone line not in a class of service may call any number the system is configured for.

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