MicroSIP Softphone – Windows Installation

MicroSIP is a free full functioning softphone for Microsoft Windows.  After downloading the Windows software, just install the downloaded package and accept the Windows firewall permissions request.
Here is the link to get the software at microsip.org: https://www.microsip.org/downloads
Download the MicroSIP-x.x.x.exe file at the top of that page.  There is a lite version of well if diskspace usage is of concern.
Once downloaded, execute the file and accept the Windows firewall permissions request.  Run the program after installed and you will see the dialpad:

Click The upper right side triangle and select “Add Account”.
Enter the information listed below and ‘save’.  You will need a username and password from Press8 support or your IT admin.

Account name <your name>
Sip Server sip.press8.com
Username* <provided by support>
Domain* sip.press8.com
Login <same as username>
Password <provided by support>
Display Name <your name>
Voicemail Number *1
Transport UDP+TCP

Your softphone is now ready for use.
To further fine tune, go to settings and unselect single call mode and choose these codec selections shown below:

Parking a call with Microsip:  dial #0*7.  To pick up a parked call, simply dial the parking slot number.

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