Jitsi Softphone Setup Instructions

This softphone is recommended for Apple computers.  Windows computers should install MicroSIP here.

Navigate to https://desktop.jitsi.org and select “Download Jitsi”, then “stable builds”, then choose your operating system which is likely either “Microsoft Windows Installers” or “MAC OS X packages”

Click on the downloaded package to install it on your desktop or laptop. Under the Additional Tasks setup window, uncheck the “Make Jitsi the default Instant Messaging Provider (Outlook integration)” and click “Next”, then “Install”.

To set up your Press8 softphone account:

  1. Obtain your username and password from Press8 support.
  2. Start Jitsi and choose “SIP” as your Network (or go to File/Add new account).
  3. Enter your username in the form of <username given by support>@sip.press8.com, so an example would be something like “6573101@sip.press8.com”.
  4.  Enter your password, then “sign in”.

Your softphone should now indicate “Online”.

To receive notice of new messages, go to Tools > Options and double click on your SIP account.  Under the connection tab, select “Message Waiting (MWI)” check box, and enter <your username>@sip.press8.com for both the “Voicemail Subscription URI” and the “Voicemail check URI”.  So as in the example above, that value would be something like 6573101@sip.press8.com.  Click “Next”, then “sign in”.

When you click on the Voice message in the list of Voice messages, you will see a telephone icon.  Click on that icon to check your messages.

More detailed installation instructions may be found here: https://desktop.jitsi.org/Documentation/InstallAndSetupOnWindows

User documentation is very limited for this free product, however, Jitsi is capable to complete blind transfers using the transfer button revealed when you have an active call.  Simply click on the transfer button, and enter the transfer to destination (which can be a full 10 digit telephone number or a 3 or 4 digit local system extension number).  You will not have the opportunity to talk to the party receiving the transfer.

If you are having any audio issues, please first reboot your modem, and make sure that you have a good wireless connection to your laptop or computer if using wifi.  Also, check the encoding settings under Options/Audio/Encoding tab to look like this:

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