How to Use the Press8 iPhone App?

The Press8 iPhone App is what Press8 users can install on their iPhone that will enable them to make calls from their cell phone, and show the Caller ID of their Press8 business phone system. Users can also see their current voicemail messages.

The Press8 iPhone App is only for making calls, it is not used for answering calls that are forwarded to a users iPhone. When calls come in, just answer as usual.

For more information and screenshots, go here.

Steps for installing and using the Press8 iPhone App:

1. Go to App Store on your iPhone
2. Search on ‘Press8’. You will see the “Press8 Mobile Extension Phone”.

3. Click ‘Install’
4. Click ‘Open’
5. Choose ‘Guide Me’
6. For ‘Account’ put in your Username that you use to login to our control panel ( Usually this username is your email address.
7. For ‘Password’ use the associated password for you account at
8. If you are setup as an ‘Administrator’ on our system or you are set to own a telephone number as a user, then you should see one or more phone numbers to choose from. Choose one. This number will be the caller-id your callers will see when you use the app.  Please contact support if you do not see the telephone number that you want to use for outbound caller ID.

– The iPhone App is only used for:

1) Making business calls

2) Checking Voicemail – a list of voicemail messages on our system will show up under ‘Messages’

– If a call is forwarded to your cell phone from your Press8 phone system, just answer it as you normally would.

– Use your iPhone App to make calls if you want your caller-id to be your business number and not your cell phone number.

– To transfer a call that comes to your cell phone FROM your business number, press #0. The system will ask you for a number to transfer it to, you can either input an extension on your business phone system, or an external number with the area code. Then it will dial the number and you can introduce your caller to the transferred call, or just hang up. YOU MUST HANG UP FOR THE CALL TO COMPLETE THE TRANSFER PROCESS.

– When you make a call with your iPhone App, it starts by contacting your account on our system via the web, then calls your cell phone.  Once you answer that call, the system calls your original destination.

– All calls on your iPhone App will show up on the call reports for your account on our system.

– If you want to use different numbers to dial out with:

1) Go to ‘Service’ and choose Line 1-Line3 and you can put different numbers on each of these. Then when you go to ‘Dial’ you can click ‘Line’ at the top to choose different lines to call out from.

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