How to Setup Bria Solo

(This is for Bria Solo; if you are looking for Bria Mobile Setup, go here.

The Bria Solo App is a Counterpath product allowing you to make/receive calls using your computer (with a headset) or smartphone.

Some notes on headsets:

  • You can purchase your headset anywhere you want to. We can also order a headset for you.
  • You will see quite a variety of headsets, from wired, to wireless Bluetooth, to DECT wireless, if you google “headsets.” And they can vary quite a bit in price. It pays to go with a well-known brand like Polycom, Plantronics, Yealink, etc. Also, If you choose a cheaper headset, remember that the audio quality could be sub-par.
  • Wireless USB headsets generally work fine but do not allow you to walk far from your computer and maintain a connection.
  • DECT wireless does allow you to walk up to 300 feet away from your computer if that is important to you.
  • In addition, you should consider whether you need noise canceling.
  • We do suggest you read the online reviews for a headset before purchasing.
  • We recommend the Yealink WH62 Mono Dect wireless headset for sound quality and mobility.
  • Here is a list of headsets you can use.

Bria Solo Setup:

1. Contact Press8 Support at 512-961-6828 or email and ask for your username and password for Bria Solo.

2. Go to the Counterpath website, sign up for an account, and pay here:

4. Download the Bria Solo Windows, Mac, or Smartphone APP, and run the APP. 

3. Click on “First Step: Setup a Voice Account.”

4. Click on “Configure SIP Settings”.

5. Under “Configure a Voice Account:”

  1. For “Domain”:
  2. For “SIP Username/Call Extension”: <given by Press8>
  3. For “SIP/Voice Password”: <given by Press8>
  4. For “Call Display,”: put your name or what you want others to see for your
    caller-id (can be changed later)
  5. Leave everything else as is.
  6. Then click “Next Step: Configure Service Settings”.

6. For “Service Settings.”

  1. leave “SIP PROXY” as optional.
  2. For “Registration Time”: 300
  3. For “Voicemail Number”: *1
  4. Leave everything else the same.
  5. Click on “Next Step, Download a Client App”

8. Choose your operating system: Windows, MAC, or your smartphone, and install
the app.

8. You will be asked for the login information for Counterpath you used in step 2 above. Bria will automatically sync with the information on your account.
You’re done!

9. The phone status should indicate it is ready with the Green handset icon when you can start placing and receiving telephone calls.

What the Bria Solo app looks like on Windows or Mac

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