How to Add or Change a Recorded Greeting on a Telephone Number

You can add a recorded greeting to any of your telephone numbers.

You can do this in different ways:

  1. You can record your greeting (free) or have us record it for you (for just $30 a recording), or use our Audio Production Store, where you can choose a voice talent (around $70)
  2. If you want us to record one, just email:
  3. Choose a voice talent and order it at our Audio Production Store.

To record it yourself, follow our KB article, How to Record an Audio file.

If you record it yourself, save it in: “.wav, 16-bit PCM, Mono” format.

Have Press8 Add Your Recorded Greeting to your number

If you want us to add your new recorded greeting, we would be happy to! You can email and attach the .wav file with your instructions.

Add/Update Your Recorded Greeting Yourself

First, save your file to the system (** You must be an Admin to do this)

1. Log in to:

2. Go to Features=>Sounds

4. Then click on ‘New’ to add a new sound file

5. Fill in the ‘Name’ & ‘Description’ fields for your reference, upload the file, and then save the file. (1. Decide on a file name 2. Add a description if you want one 3. Choose the .wav file from your computer. 4. Save)

6. Next, you need to attach the recording to the number. Go to: Features=> Numbers.

7. Click on the phone number you want to attach it to.

8. Scroll down the ‘Number’ page to where it says ‘Route Calls To’ on the left-hand side. Then click on the arrow next to the drop-down below Default Destination to take you to the hunt group settings. (Greeting recordings are set up on the Hunt Groups page, not the Number page.) (If you need to set up a Hunt Group, visit our KB article: “How to Setup a Hunt Group.”)

9. Inside the ‘Hunt Group’ you clicked on, scroll down to where it says ‘Message File’ on the left-hand side. (If you need to set up a Hunt Group, visit our KB article: “How to Setup a Hunt Group.”)

10. Click on ‘Sound File To Use’ and choose from the drop-down (you should see the file you saved into ‘Sounds’ in step 5 above.

11. Then click on ‘Use or Upload.’

12. Now, click the ‘Play’ button to listen to your new greeting.

13. Always test the new setup by calling the phone number to see if it is set up right.

If you have any questions, email us at

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