How Do I Use the Press8 Android App?

The Press8 Android App is what Press8 users can install on their Android phone that will enable them to make calls from their cell phone, and show the Caller ID of their Press8 business phone system. Users can also see their current voicemail messages.
The Press8 Android App is only for making calls, it is not used for answering calls that are forwarded to a users Android phone. When calls come in, just answer as usual.
For more information and screenshots, go here.
1. Go to Play Store on your iPhone
2. Search on ‘Enswitch Client’. You will see the “Enswitch Client” by Integrics.
3. Click ‘Install’
4. Click ‘Open’ then “Settings”.
5. Select “Allow” Enswitch Client to make and manage phone calls
6. Click on the “Service” menu item and select “”.
7.  Enter your username, which is the same username used to access your account at (most likely your email address).  Use the password for that account as well.
8.  Choose a refresh interval for this app to check your mailbox status.
9. For “Own Number” enter the phone number for the device the app is being installed on.
10.  Leave “SIP enabled” unchecked and then leave the settings page using the back arrow at the top of that page.
Making a Call
1. On the dialpad, select the vertical ellipse … by the line where you enter the phone number you want to call.  This screen will allow you to pick the caller ID to use for the call.  The number picked will remain as your caller ID until you change it.  You currently must own the number or have administrative privileges to see numbers here.
2. Enter the 10 digits for the number you want to call and press the green call button.
3. Wait for our system to call you back, and answer the call.  Our system will then connect you with the called number.
Retrieving Messages
1. Select the upper left hand menu bars, then select messages.  If there is a choice of mailboxes, choose the mailbox of interest.

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