How do I setup Polycom BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Buttons

The population of the Polycom line keys and expansion modules attached to the Polycom iP 650 phones is controlled by the group (Features/Speed Dials) and telephone line level speed dial lists accessed by the “speed dials” link at the bottom of the selected telephone lines page.
The basic logic works like this.

  1. Individual and group speed dial entries are combined for each extension
  2. Order of displayed speed dials is determined by “alphabetic-numeric” order of the speed dial number, so: 1,11,111,2,3,4,41,5,6..etc as if the speed dial numbers are preceded by a decimal point. Setting the group speed dial numbers starting at 60 will allow the individual speed dials to be ordered before or after the group ones. The phones will load the speed dials according to the number of assignable keys that are available on the phone + the expansion module. Line key assignments are controlled in the MAC address field at the Features/Telephone Lines area by placing a suffix value of “-x” which instructs provisioning to only assign x line keys to that registration. -1 through -6 are valid suffixes for the IP 650 phones. -1 through -4 are valid for the IP 550 phones.
  3. The speed dial entries once saved are loaded up to the provisioning server and then subsequently downloaded to that particular extension upon reboot.
  4. All provisioning is organized by MAC addresses (or serial numbers).

To add a speed dial with BLF:

  1. In order to activate the BLF feature for any speed dial, please select “Busy lamp (Aastra, Polycom and Yealink)” as the drop down value for the “Button on telephones:” field when adding a new speed dial.
  2. Make sure to use the full 7 digit telephone line number for the “Destination” field.  These numbers are listed under Features/Telephone Lines.
  3. Click save.
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