How do I configure the 911 address for my telephone?

It is important that you establish an emergency response address for each telephone number associated with your account. 911/emergency response addresses are associated with the caller ID presented to the 911 dispatch agent. The Caller ID may be selected at the telephone or extension level in our control panel software from a list of telephone numbers associated with your account.


  1. Login to your control panel at
  2. Go to Features > Telephone Lines > Select a line
  3. You will see an Alert message at the top of your screen giving you important imformation about the handling of your emergency response physical address
  4. Scroll down to the “Features” section on this page and locate the dropdown box called “Callerid on external calls”. You will be able to select any of your local numbers (that support e911 services) as your external caller ID.
  5. Once you select a number to appear as your external caller ID, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Emergency address”
  6. Enter the emergency response address associated with that telephone line and click “Update Address”
  7. Repeat for all lines

If you move the location of your telephone, be sure to either select a different external caller ID that has been configured with the new location or change the emergency response address as outlined above. **Please note that if you change the emergency response address for a particular external caller ID, the address will also be updated on all telephone lines that use that external caller ID. Therefore, it is prudent to have a separate local number for all of your locations associated with this service and use the external caller ID that matches the address location of that phone.

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