How do I change the caller id on my phone number?

Caller ID name is a nationally registered database service.  When a carrier receives a call, the called carrier offering caller ID name service performs a database lookup to the name associated with the calling number.  This is not a free service, and what some carriers do to get around the fee is to use the internal caller ID name that happens to follow the signal to ring the called party’s phone.  Your internal caller ID name is set in our system and is presented to internal extensions when you make internal calls.

If you would like us to change the caller-id on your phone number, please email us at: support(at)press8(dot)com and tell us what you would like the caller-id to be and what your phone number is. The restriction is that you get up to 15 characters, and those have to be all upper case, and they have to all be alpha characters only (A-Z).

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