How can I ask caller for an extension number?

It is often useful to be able to provide people with a direct telephone extension to contact you rather than being connected with a department/receptionist who will need to transfer the call.
Assuming that an IVR (or Auto Attendant) will be used asking callers to enter a telephone extension, please follow the steps below.

1. Login to your Press 8 Telecom Control Panel.
2. Go to: Features=>IVR Menus

3. Select the IVR you wish to allow direct extensions to be dialed from.

4. Select the destination number that you wish for callers to enter in order to begin inputting the telephone extension.

5. Now, select Auto Attendant from the Features destination drop-down menu.

6. Click Save.

7. You’re finished! Callers will now be able to press an IVR menu option (0 in this example) to begin entering a telephone extension. Note that there is also a destination features titled Auto attendant (no announcement) if you do not wish for your callers to hear the prompt to enter a telephone extension.

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