What is the setup process once I sign up?

This basic idea of our setup process can vary depending on individual customer needs or circumstances. Once you sign up, please wait for our instructions with precise setup process details.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT cancel service with your previous provider until we have emailed you to let you know that your phone numbers have been successfully ported. In addition, if any numbers with your current provider will not be ported, it is essential that the billing for those numbers be separated from the numbers that will be ported before we start the porting process.

Step 1: We will email you an ‘ROI’ or ‘Request for Information’ to document information about your users, such as their names, desired extension numbers, and email addresses. In addition, this form is intended for you to state how you would like your inbound calls routed during and after work hours. Our Support Team will set up your phone system using this information.

Step 2: You will receive instructions on setting up your company greeting and each user’s voicemail greetings. Company greetings may be completed self-serve for free inside your control panel. Two other options include us creating a greeting for you for $30/greeting, or you can order a professionally recorded greeting using our Audio Production Store. Messaging on Hold recordings may also be produced through the Audio Production Store.

Step 3:  We will order any new VoIP phones you have purchased, and they should arrive at your office in about 7-10 business days pre-provisioned (or pre-programmed), meaning the phones will be plug-and-play ready. Each box will be labeled with the user’s name for easy distribution.

If you already have phones and we have approved them, we will step you through how to activate them.

Step 4:  If you port numbers to our system, you will be assigned temporary numbers. Contact your current provider and ask them to forward your calls (simultaneous forwarding) to these new numbers.

Step 5: We will email you an LOA (Letter of Agency) to fill out that will officially state what numbers you want to be ported and the associated billing address assigned to those numbers. The porting processes can take 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the losing carrier. You do not need to wait for your numbers to port to use your phone system. Your phone system will go ‘live’ once you complete step 4.

Step 6: Once you have forwarded your current inbound numbers to the assigned temporary number, the system will be live and inbound calls will be routed to your new phones according to the designed routing plan.

Step 6: Once we tell you your numbers have successfully ported, you can cancel your previous provider. Please do not cancel your previous provider until we ask you to, or you could risk losing your phone number(s).

Step 8: We will email you your Press8 Control Panel and Help Desk login.

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