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Killeen is an Affordable Place to Live

Located at the northernmost tip of Austin County, this city is just below the area known as “The Golden Triangle” and is still considered part of Greater Houston. With a population of around 130,000, it offers plenty to do and see.

Killeen is a Great Place for Small Businesses

Killeen is a great home base if you’re looking for a great place to start or grow your small business. You can easily access the I-35 corridor, Austin, and San Antonio with its central location. Additionally, Fort Hood is one of the largest employers in Texas, and the housing costs are lower than in many other growing cities.

Killeen, Texas is Family Friendly

Killeen is a safe, quiet, family-friendly community nestled in the heart of Texas. Great schools and a low crime rate make Killeen ideal for families. It’s also an easy commute to Fort Hood, Austin, or San Antonio which means local jobs are plentiful and unemployment is low.

Lots of Benefits for Military

Killeen has a lot of benefits for veterans and military personnel. The town of Killeen is home to units from every branch of the service, has many military bases in and around the city, and offers plenty of resources for those who are looking to relocate here.

Some of the Features You Get with Press8

Auto Attendant

Routes your calls day or night.

Dial by Name Directory

Easily routes calls to the right extension.

Call Hunt Groups

Rings multiple locations in sequence or at once.

Conference Bridge

Use your conference bridge anywhere.

Call Queues

Intelligently routes calls to available agents.

Call Reports

Easily see how many calls you receive by day or month.

Call Recording

Record calls for training purposes.

Voicemail to Text Transcription

Read your voicemails when you are not able to listen to them.

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