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Georgetown Businesses are Switching to a Press8 Hosted PBX Phone System

Georgetown business is booming, and all these small and growing businesses require communications platforms that can work for them. What your business needs is the power of a sophisticated on-premise telephone and voice mail system, but all at a fraction of the cost. With Press8 Telecom’s VoIP phone system, that is exactly what you get. A voiceover IP system through a hosted private branch exchange (PBX) transmits phone calls over the internet, giving you the many powerful features of a sophisticated phone system without any expensive installation, maintenance, or service fees. Save space, save time, and save money by switching your business to Press8 Telecom’s Georgetown VoIP PBX phone system.

A Powerful VoIP Small Business Phone System

Like other cloud-based applications, a VoIP system uses servers to transmit your voice over the cloud. This means that a VoIP PBX system lets you enjoy a high-end phone system without wasting office space on equipment so that you can fill your office with items more critical to your business.

Benefits of a PBX Phone System for Georgetown Businesses

Don’t waste your time trying to deal with complex on-site phone lines. Instead, focus on efficiency and productivity by using a VoIP business phone system that does all the communications heavy lifting for you.

A VoIP hosted PBX phone system is especially important in these times. With so many companies working from home, a VoIP phone system lets your employees use the same advanced telephone system wherever they are, at home or at the office.

Because of the cloud-based nature, you can use the same VoIP phone system across all your locations, whether they’re across town or on the other side of the planet. You can manage it all from a single phone number, or you can use multiple numbers that can be tracked and reported. A hosted PBX phone system gives you the flexibility to make that choice.

Easily transfer your calls to wherever you need them with a VoIP service. You can begin a call on your work phone, switch to your cell phone, or even your employees’ phone.

These are changing times, and a cloud-based phone service lets you adapt easily. If you need to expand or move your office, there’s no need to stress about the hassle of moving phone lines with a VoIP system. Wherever you are, your Georgetown business phone system service goes with you.

Why Press8 Telecom?

Press8 Telecom has served Georgetown businesses with comprehensive VoIP phone systems since 2006. Since then, a lot has changed in the business communications world, but Press8’s industry professionals have adapted and adjusted to provide the best VoIP phone solutions to companies of all sizes over the years. Whatever comes your way, you can depend on Press8 to be there for all your company’s communication needs.

Get Started with a Georgetown VoIP Phone System from Press8 Telecom Today

Put your communications troubles behind you. Press8 Telecom provides industry-leading cloud-based phone services to Georgetown businesses, so there is an option that should work for companies of all sizes. Contact Press8 today to learn more about Georgetown VoIP phone systems for your business.

Your Success is Our Success

Since 2006 Press8 Telecom has been serving small businesses in Georgetown, TX with the longer than any other local business VoIP company. But don’t just take our word for it, read some of our testimonials and you will see. We not only setup your phone system for you but we offer 24 hour support. Our customers will tell you, we treat them like family.

Local On Site Support

When you are looking for a VoIP hosted PBX provider, look in your own backyard. With Press8 Telecom, we will not only setup your phone system but we will come to your location and setup your phones and even train your staff*. You won’t get that kind of service from a company located on the other side of the United States. Having your phone company in your own backyard, available to help you anytime, is just smart. ( *extra fee)

Some of the features you get with Press8 Telecom Include:

  • An Auto Attendant
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Call Hunt Groups
  • Conference Bridge
  • Call Queues
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Reports
  • Calling Recording
  • Onsite Installation & Training
  • Chrome Click to Call
  • Android & iOS Smartphone APP
  • Voicemail to Text Transcription

Georgetown VoIP

When you are looking for a VoIP hosted PBX provider, look in your own backyard. We are available for onsite installation & training. For a Free Quote Call: 512-961-6828

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