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Remote working and working from home quickly became the norm during the pandemic. Now that the pandemic is over, many workers are returning to the office—sometimes. Many employees have returned to the office and back to their desks. Other workers who embraced remote working want to continue doing so, even if it’s only part of their work week. Hybrid and remote work are becoming an integral part of many businesses.

Working from home (WFH) is no longer for just a few workers and the freelance community. Even large, multinational companies allow at least some remote work. Whether you’re new to WFH or have been remote for a while, working outside of the office can be as challenging as being in a busy office.

Why WFH is Good for Companies and Teams

Companies that embraced remote work before the pandemic already knew what they needed, but on a larger scale. The companies caught off-guard had to develop their WFH guidelines and ramp up quickly to keep the business going without interruption. Over time, both companies and workers became acclimated to the concept. Today, WFH is an embraced and sought-after employee benefit that helps keeps companies in business.

Benefits for Employers

Why would a company of any size embrace its teams working from home? You might think that employees would benefit the most, but the company can reap the benefits too.

  1. Cost savings. Even for a company that already had a WFH plan, significant costs savings include the following:
    1. Rent
    2. Utilities—electricity, water, Wi-Fi, etc.
    3. Office cleaning
    4. Equipment and maintenance
    5. Furniture
    6. In-office amenities, such as coffee and snack bars
  2. Reduced absenteeism. An employee who isn’t feeling well, or has a sick child, is more likely to be out of the office for a day or two if a long commute is involved. When an appointment or other obligation takes them away from the office, they can avoid taking time off by rearranging their schedule.
  3. Hire from anywhere. With the ability to have employees anywhere, a company can also hire from anywhere. A company can hire a team member from outside the immediate area with the skill set for the job without paying for relocation.
  4. Building loyalty. Employees are more likely to stay when their employer trusts them to do their job. Worker retention keeps those skills at the company and reduces the need for new hires and retraining.

Benefits for Employees

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate a long commute? Millions of employees nationwide in cities like Austin got their wish when the lockdowns started requiring WFH. Without sitting in traffic twice a day, employees could sleep later, exercise more, and have more home-cooked dinners.

  1. Flexibility. WFH means employee flexibility to handle other parts of their lives without taking time off or increasing the burden for other team members. Team members can schedule their doctors’ and other appointments with less disruption to the team. They become more productive with improvements in their work-life balance.
  2. Location-independence. At the height of the pandemic, many employees moved away from expensive cities in favor of less-expensive suburbs and rural areas. With a good Internet connection, “the office” is wherever the team member lives. WFH also works well for a team member whose spouse transfers to another location.
  3. Cost savings. A WFH team member can also enjoy cost savings. Working from home reduces commuting costs, business clothing, and other associated expenses, even working from home two or three days per week. Parents can also save on childcare costs when they don’t have to be in the office.
  4. Fewer distractions. Offices can be busy, noisy places where it’s hard to get work done. Set up your home office any way you like and be free from ambient noise for more quiet work time.

WFH can also increase opportunities for those whose limitations can inhibit them from working in the office, such as people with disabilities.

Employees who want to pursue a side hustle can also do so without interfering with their “day jobs.” Remote work means that many workers can have increased flexibility and creative liberty, allowing them to pursue outside business activities.

Team members unaccustomed to working at home may find it distracting at first but eventually settle into a routine. Updated digital technology makes working from home better than before. Collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, Zoom, Trello, and SharePoint let teams work together nearly as well as in the office.

And if the home office gets a little distracting, or you need help concentrating, “background noise” apps like Coffitivity can help block out unwanted sounds.

Keeping in Touch

One way to separate work and home life is to have an “office” number just for work-related calls. Employees can keep their cell phone numbers private and maintain contact with clients and team members with the “office phone.” But a second cell phone or installed landline isn’t necessary when VoIP can easily do the job.

VoIP is ideal for working from home because it’s easy to use anywhere. From the home office to the co-working space and back to the office, a VoIP phone system offers seamless communications no matter where someone works. Callers can use the same number and reach the person they need without interruption. Team members can communicate with clients using the same “work number” they use at the office, even at home.

Voice over Internet Protocol technology takes phone service to the company’s Internet connection, eliminating the need for additional services. Through the company’s existing Internet, phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and other communications are readily accessible. Team members can call clients and each other with their own “desk phone” with a VoIP phone, a smartphone app, or a softphone app on their work laptop. VoIP telephony offers the same services no matter where team members work.

Make Working from Home Easy with VoIP

Press8 Telecom offers VoIP service that lets you and your team work remotely and talk to your customers from anywhere. Sign up with Press8 Telecom, download the apps, and you and your team will be ready for business. Not a customer yet? Contact us for a free quote today.

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