Why Businesses are Choosing Cloud Based Call Centers

There’s no doubt that technology can provide your business with the edge it needs to compete. But deciding which technology to adopt for your business can be quite a challenge. Many businesses are adopting cloud-based applications to improve their agility and reduce their IT and equipment requirements. Cloud Computing applications are hosted in a secure data center maintained by a service provider and delivered as an easy-to-use service suite.

An advantage that may be right for your business is a Cloud Based Call Center. Call Based Call Centers are hosted environments that enable users to perform product support, answer inquiries, collect payments, and complete sales via their Internet connection.

“Big Company” Features

First, Cloud Based Call Centers leverage both the scale and economics of the Internet to deliver Enterprise-level strength, security and reliability without the cost and complexity of a traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) setup. A great communication service for startups, these call centers also offer “Big Company” phone features, scalability and reliability without the upfront equipment purchases or ongoing operations burden.


Second, Cloud Based Call Centers yield a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Traditional premises-based call center solutions usually rely on expensive office telephone gear and require ongoing management and support expenses. Cloud Based Call Centers utilize a “signaling-only” architecture to minimize costs and maximize agility. Since the Virtual Call Center is not involved in the media path it doesn’t require expensive switching equipment, and capacity and users can be turned up in real-time.

High UC

Finally, Cloud Based Call Centers enable business to utilize UC (Unified Communications,communications integrated to optimize business processes). These call centers synthesize Voice, text chat, video, and even screen sharing into a unified communication experience. Most Cloud Based Call Centers also integrate with Google Apps and CRM suites such as Salesforce.

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