When You Should Text and When You Should Call

With the advanced technology today, many people are getting caught up in texting. There are many times it is appropriate to text. There are times, however, when it is not appropriate.

For instance, never text someone to say their loved one has been in a severe car accident. This can cause the person to go into shock and drive very unsafely. In this circumstance it is best to call the person and tell them to meet you immediately at the hospital.

If you are dating someone and want to break up with the person, definitely call him or her. These days it seems to be quite custom to text the other person that the two of you are breaking up. Think of how you would feel if you deeply cared for another person. How would you like to be told that the relationship is over? Surely you would like the common courtesy to be told in person or at least over the telephone.

Texting can be great to make plans with your friends, check up on loved ones to see how they are doing, letting people know you are thinking of them and other minor friendly items. You should always call if it is something of the utmost importance such as a death, break up, baby announcement to the grandparents, accident, etc.

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