What You Don’t Know About Hosted VoIP Could Hurt Your Business

VoIP hosted PBX is a telephone service that is provided over the internet with the PBX in the cloud. There are common myths that go around about VoIP hosted PBX.  Here are a few of scenarios that could help demystify VoIP hosted PBX.

Myth 1: Stick to the old PBX as long as it works.

The truth is, when you factor in the cost of PBX maintenance, carrier fee which is always increasing and cost of changes during expansion or relocation you will be losing money by sticking to an old outdated PBX.

Myth 2: Isn’t VoIP just a consumer solution?

The truth is that earlier users used services such as Skype and Vonage for personal purposes. Today however there is business class VoIP hosted PBX, with solutions tailored specifically for business use. There are high quality IP phones with PBX features such as extension dialing, auto attendant, ring groups, conference calling and so much more.

Myth 3: Why do we need hosted VoIP? Can’t we just use our cell phones?

The truth is that, mobile phones do little in providing a unified front that a business entity needs to survive. Using just cell phones may work when starting a new business, but soon you will need office phones, desktop computers, laptops and other devices to have an effective communication system at the office. VoIP hosted PBX acts as “glue.” It unites all these devices making an end point of any device you want.

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