What VoIP and the Cloud Mean to Your Business

It’s amazing how cloud and telecommunications technology are working together to influence the way in which businesses are restructuring their practices in ways that help them save money, improve productivity, and become more efficient. Cloud computing is a paradigm of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet.

What is VoIP Cloud Computing?

In the context of Voice over Internet Protocol, the Cloud is a means by which carriers and service providers offer their infrastructure components and application platforms to customers. There’s no doubt that mobile technology, VoIP Hosted PBX systems, and cloud software will continue to have a substantial impact on businesses of all sizes.

Telecommuters and The new Phone System

One remarkable area of impact in business has been the rise of the telecommuter.Telecommuting or telework is a work arrangement in which employees enjoy flexibility in working location and hours. In other words, the daily commute to a central place of work is replaced by telecommunication links. Many work from home, while others, occasionally also referred to as nomad workers or web commuters utilize mobile telecommunications technology to work from coffee shops or other locations. There’s no doubt that Hosted VoIP PBX systems, and cloud software have combined to provide telecommuters with a resource that allows them to work any where, even if their company utilizes a robust call center. Everything that a telecommuter needs to do their job is always at their disposal.

What VoIP & The Cloud mean to Your Business

With VoIP and the Cloud, all you need are your IP-enabled handset and a broadband connection to conduct your phone related business and use all the features that your Hosted VoIP PBX system offers. Even highly advanced call center features such as Automatic Call Distribution, Intelligence Voice Recognition, Conference rooms, and customer surveys and metrics are handled completely in the cloud, and accessible to you wherever you do business.

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