What to Look for in a Phone System for Your Business

These days businesses depend on reliable phone systems as the heart of their companies’ communications needs. But the business that goes shopping for a new and improved phone system may find the many choices overwhelming.

Today, phone system manufacturers are offering a huge variety of choices in every configuration imaginable. It’s difficult to cut through the hype to see what really counts in a telephone system: the productivity that you are getting by using their phone system and how much money you save.

What features do we need?

The best PBX system for your company is the one that delivers the most value, based on your specific and unique needs. It offers features and functions that will help save your company time, help build customer relationships and increase revenues. You want to get the features that your business will actually use, and you want to get everything you need at a good price.

The good news is that — no matter what your size or situation — there’s a VoIP hosted PBX system that fits your needs perfectly. There are some basic phone system features that virtually every business today expects: voice mail, phones with displays and programmable keys, and park/hold/transfer. But there are many other amazing features now being offered:

  • The ability to capture name-and-number Caller ID on every call for instant redial, and “attaching” the Caller ID information to the message.
  • The ability to greet callers with an automated attendant and route calls to the desired department or extension quickly and efficiently.
  • The ability to instantly record a live conversation by pressing a single key or record all calls and have them emailed to you as an attachment.
  • The ability to have your important calls automatically follow to you wherever you go — to a different office, a cell phone, to your home, anywhere.
  • The ability to use the Internet as an alternative to traditional phone lines for office-to-office connections and to support teleworkers.

How do you sift through the hype to find the phone system that works best for you — one that really represents your best set of functions, reliability and price? Here are some things to look for — and avoid — in a business phone system. You’ll discover just how to find the phone system that will maximize your efficiency, help you build strong customer relationships, increase your revenue stream and give you a competitive advantage.

Some of the VoIP features that are helpful:

Voicemail to email – Voicemails are emailed to you in .wav format so you can listen to them at any time

Auto Attendant – An auto attendant answers your calls virtually and routes them to the correct person or department

Hunt Groups – Searches for a user using a pre-set group of phone numbers that are called simultaneously or in sequence.

Conference Bridge – Setup a conference call with an unlimited amount of callers each with their own pin number that they use to access the call. Make sure emails are sent out ahead of time to remind the group.

Call Reporting – See how many calls came in/went out separated by extension or department. The length of the call and even a recording of the call can be accessed anytime via the web.

Call Recording – Record calls and access the recordings via the web or have them emailed to you.

iPhone and Android Apps – The ability to use your smart phone to make or take business calls and to be able to transfer the call, record the call, and show the caller id of your business. These are just a few of the new features that VoIP hosted PBX companies are offering small businesses. They are being added to everyday. Now that business phone systems are being run digitally over the internet, the feature list will continue to grow at a fast pace.

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