What the Future Holds for VoIP

VoIP has grown by leaps and bounds over the years since its inception at the turn of the new century. What was once thought of as fringe technology has caught on like wildfire as companies all over the country got on the bandwagon of affordable and convenient communication. Technology evolves over time, and VoIP is no exception. What lies in the future for VoIP services? This is the question that we will seek to answer in this post, giving you the information and push in the right direction if you haven’t signed up for yet for the next big thing in business communication.

Better One-On-One Video Uses

VoIP and Video Facetime ® and Skype ™ are two video technologies that millions of us use on a daily basis. The ability to see the other person as you talk to them gives both parties an extra layer of trust, humanness and fun to all communications.

VoIP is in the early stages of perfecting an even better video product which will allow you to use personalized phones to make video calls for next to nothing, as well as give you the option to add an almost unlimited number of people to your VoIP video call. Companies are already using video by way of conferencing, but this is not really conducive for one-on-one communication that can be called up on the fly.

Desk to Desk Video

Desk-to-desk video communication involving two workers at the same or different departments or locations will be as easy as clicking on an icon, making collaboration a breeze. What’s great about VoIP video is the fact that it comes under the unified communications umbrella, putting all your communication needs in one place and device.

Mobile VoIP (mVoIP)

Mobile VoIP, also known as mVoIP is yet another thing that we have to look forward to in the future. Mobile has been at the forefront of tech development since 2008, and more and more people and businesses want portable technology. Mobile VoIP will be made more efficient thanks to bandwidth technology that allows for faster speeds. From 4G to LTE, internet speeds are getting an upgrade at about every 2 years, allowing for seamless video chatting on mobile VoIP devices. This adds an extra layer of confidence on the side of the consumer since they will be getting quality and reliability every time they pick up their VoIP mobile phone to make a call.

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