What is a Hosted PBX Phone System?

Today’s rapidly transforming digital landscape is paving the way for more advanced phone systems. Businesses are demanding better systems to meet their needs, so traditional landlines and analog phone systems are no longer viable options. A hosted PBX phone system is quickly becoming popular for growing businesses.

Simple landlines are difficult to scale. For instance, when adding a new user, you typically have to add it to your hardware and make extensive changes to your software, making it more costly and less efficient for your business. Typically, analog phone systems have high startup costs due to the on-site hardware and software. Moreover, analog phone solutions require specialized on-site technical personnel, creating an added expense and draining your bottom line.

In fact, your phone system could be costing you much more than you actually need to pay.

PBX phone systems were first introduced in the late 1990s. Today, they are continuously developing and changing. The business phone industry has migrated from traditional switchboards and hardwired landlines to more efficient phone systems using Voice Over Internet(VoIP) and operating in the cloud.

The benefits of hosted PBX phone systems have attracted businesses like yours. As a result, many are switching over from traditional landlines or other phone services. First, a hosted PBX phone system can greatly help support your business functions and internal communication. Second, hosted PBX systems save money and time. Furthermore, hosted PBX phone systems come with many advantages that can enhance current business practices and activity.

An Introduction to Hosted PBX Phone System

PBX, which stands for Private Branch Exchange, is simply a business phone network. It is a great solution for small to medium-sized businesses. A hosted PBX phone system works within your organization to route calls between users. Also, it manages volumes of incoming calls. Imagine doing all that while maintaining a professional image and quality standards. Hosted PBX phone systems are sophisticated and ideal solutions. They scale with your business while saving you money.

diagram of the data that comes from the internet, to a router, then to smart phone or data that goes through a router, firewall, then to a computer or laptop.

Hosted PBX phone systems are maintained and operated through a cloud network. Therefore, your office has no infrastructure, equipment, or installation. Hosted PBX providers manage, maintain, and operate your phone system entirely. Hence, it reduces the need for any in-house technical expertise or employees.

Since these systems do not require hardwired landlines like traditional phone systems, they also make an easy phone system to move with. Additionally, it provides a suite of advanced features to support your growing business activity.

Many of these features are discussed below. How they can help sustain and grow your business will surprise you.

How Does Hosted PBX Phone Service Work?

Hosted PBX phone systems are hosted on servers located in offsite data centers. Businesses are provided with their own user portal or user platform. This platform lets you add and remove features and manage your service, completely controlling your phone service. For example, once you update your user portal, changes are easy and often immediate.

Hosted PBX phone systems operate entirely over a broadband or internet connection. Hence, having a high-speed connection that meets the minimum requirements is important. Call a hosted PBX provider to find out about any specific requirements. You can also test your broadband/internet connection speeds through your internet provider or other free services online.

A hosted PBX phone system can be configured to suit your business needs based on several factors and requirements.press8 telecom cloud and how voice and data is sent from the cloud to computer, and smart phone, and voicemail

Important Questions To Consider:

    • Does your business need external lines? Internal extensions?
    • Do you need to provide customer service to the public?
    • Are you or your employees always on the go? Do you travel a lot and need to answer calls while you travel?
    • Do you need to integrate call reports to keep track of calls made/received?
    • What features can help enhance your business? For instance, do you need Call Recording, Voicemail to Text, or a Conference Call Bridge?
    • Do you need to put customers on hold or reroute to other departments?
    • How are calls answered? For example, can you answer calls via a computer or desk phone?
    • Are you planning on expanding or growing your business? How soon and how fast? What are a few additional features you might need in the future?

These questions and considerations are integral to deciding what type of phone service will best support your business. They also help determine the various features you require now and in the near future. Based on this, you can select the best hosted PBX provider for your business needs.

Remember, hosted PBX phone service providers offer different solutions at different prices. Always speak to service providers to gain a better understanding before selecting one.

Will a hosted PBX phone system work with my current setup?

An important consideration when using a hosted PBX phone service is the flexibility of integrating it into your current business. Hosted PBX phone systems can work in addition to or completely replace your current phone setup.

Route calls directly to a computer and answers them with a headpiece and a microphone. Answer calls directly on your mobile phone or send them directly to voicemail. Answer calls directly through a smartphone app. These apps can display caller ID, transfer to voicemail, or route to a different number. If you choose to keep your existing landline, you can also route calls directly to that number.

As you can see, there are various ways a hosted PBX phone service can work with or integrate with your current business setup. Most businesses switch to hosted PBX services because of their convenience and flexibility.

voip hosted pbx technology starts in the cloud then goes to your laptop or phoneHosted PBX versus Traditional PBX

A traditional analog PBX phone system is hosted on site in your office. Therefore, it is hardwired into a server stored in a secured box or room in your physical location. Someone in the office or a third-party contractor must manage and maintain it. Calls are also often answered by a receptionist or someone on the phone.

Traditional PBX systems still require additional equipment and hardware. You must also consider any changes, additions, and costs to the infrastructure needed for a traditional PBX system. Also, factor in the cost of hiring a technical/IT employee to manage your phone systems.

On the other hand, a hosted PBX system sends and stores call data via IP (internet protocol) lines over the internet. Since no physical equipment and infrastructure are required, this is an excellent solution for businesses in the growth stage. The cloud-based system lets you scale whenever you need it, making it a more robust, flexible phone system for small businesses as they expand.

Virtual businesses and organizations that operate remotely are also great candidates for hosted PBX phone services. These phone systems bridge communication among remote employees and virtual offices, so your virtual business can enjoy the same professional phone system even though it does not have a physical location.

Hosted PBX Phone Service Featureshosted pbx call center woman on a headset answering a call

Hosted PBX systems offer many advanced call features that support and enhance your business. With traditional phone lines, features are often limited and cost more with each user added. Hosted PBX phone system providers typically offer a list of features as a package. Additional features are often available for a minimal fee.

Your new phone system has many great features to support your growing business. Here are several of the most popular features for small businesses.

  • Automated Call Attendant/Greeting
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding/Transfer
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • Music on Hold
  • Conference Bridge
  • Conference Management
  • Click to Call/Web Dial
  • Call Screening
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Recording
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Queues
  • Emergency (911) dialing
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Text/Email
  • CRM Integration
  • Mobile Application
  • Call Logs

man in suit answering a voip hosted pbx phone

Benefits of Hosted PBX Phone Systems

These amazing features create a seamless business process and aim to automate your business communication efforts. Along with cost-savings and simple management benefits, there are many more benefits. Hosted PBX phone systems are packaged with a ton of advantages. These benefits support your current business needs and expansion anytime you are ready.

Look at what businesses like yours are already experiencing with hosted PBX phone systems.

Mobility and Flexibility

    • Receive and make calls anywhere, anytime
    • Support remote employees from any geographical location
    • Route calls to any number, change your settings when needed
    • Answer and call easily – from your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, computer, or any smart device

Save Money and Increase Revenue

    • Provide better customer service – automate answering incoming calls and routing
    • Attend to multiple customers at once – route, hold, forward, and track calls
    • Minimal start-up, infrastructure, and equipment costs
    • Low cost for international calls
    • No in-house technical expertise required
    • Variety of features with your package

Streamline Business and Enhance Productivity

    • Stay on top of business – track, maintain, and retrieve detailed call logs
    • Follow up on progress and key clients – CRM integration
    • Generate important reports to monitor call usage and activity
    • Record calls for playback and reference
    • Never miss a call – monitor and retrieve call logs, forwarding, and routing
    • Manage employees and departments efficiently

Build a Great Company Reputation and Image

    • Customize greeting and voicemail messages
    • Local numbers in your area of business
    • Portray a professional image – add an automated call attendant and call routing to the right personnel
    • Scale your service – grow with your business without downtime or interruptions

Streamline Your Business Communications

A hosted PBX phone service is a great solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides a service that will grow and expand as you grow. Hosted PBX phone systems offer a variety of value-added features. Moreover, these features integrate seamlessly with your hosted PBX phone system. In addition, your hosted PBX service is professionally managed and maintained, requiring no technical know-how or hardware in your office.

Save time and money for your business. Keep a professional public image. Manage and streamline internal processes. Increase productivity as a result. Hosted PBX phone services are the wave of the future for businesses with a growth mentality and an exciting future!

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