What a Law Firm Looks For In a VoIP Phone System

A phone number is a lifeline for any law firm. Even with email, contact forms, and social media contact, most clients pick up the phone and call when they need legal help.

A reliable and effective phone system is vital to any law firm, from the sole practitioner to the big law firm. Here are some things to look for in a VoIP phone system for a law firm.

Cost Savings of VoIP for Law Firms

Of course, the biggest benefit is the savings over costlier traditional landline phones.

Landlines require expensive physical hardware as well as labor to operate. Because a VoIP system’s PBX is cloud-hosted, there is no need for onsite equipment or personnel. Calls are routed without the hardwired phone system using your existing Internet connection.

Setting up a VOIP system costs considerably less than traditional landline service. Monthly costs are also less expensive than traditional business landlines. Add-in features like free long distance, call waiting, call forwarding, and conference calling—all for free—and the savings add up.

VOIP uses the firm’s IP system to converge voice and data into one wireless channel. This allows lawyers and staff to send messages to and from multiple locations.

Additionally, moving, adding, changing, or deleting an individual landline phone can cost as much as $150 per action. However, with VOIP, moving or changing an individual phone number is part of the user interface.

First Impressions

It’s true: you never have a second chance to make a first impression. That’s especially true when a client makes that first call to your firm.

What happens when a call comes into your law firm? Are your clients put on hold by a busy receptionist? Or does a virtual attendant route the caller to the correct recipient, keeping them from having to wait a long time?

VOIP also offers many features that ensure your client’s positive experience. Auto-attendants and routing menus allow callers to reach the right person without multiple transfers. Features like call queues with messages on hold can help make waiting time more bearable.

Integrating your CRM into your phone system means you can see exactly what’s transpired since your last conversation with each client. No more looking for files or waiting to talk to someone else first. You can see the current state of your case with your client immediately.

Setup And Scalability

Traditional phone systems require service people and extra costs to configure individual phone lines. VoIP has a wide range of flexibility.

Users can set up their phones quickly and easily online, which meets their needs. Users can configure options like voicemail, call forwarding, and ring locations through a web-based user portal.

Moreover, you can scale your phone service up or down as needed through a web-based admin portal. It’s easy to add a phone line for a new hire, and when someone leaves the firm, it’s just as simple to retire the phone number or assign it to someone else.

Other VoIP Features

Because busy law firms handle multiple cases simultaneously, lawyers and staff must access everything quickly.

You can optimize your VOIP system for your law firm with add-on features such as:

  • Call queues
  • Call recording on-demand
  • Number porting
  • Online fax services
  • Conference bridge numbers
  • Softphone (computer-based calling)
  • Additional “local” numbers in different area codes for clients to call in without long-distance charges

Working Remote

2020 was a huge disruptor for businesses, especially law firms. Closing up offices to have employees work from home was not something anyone saw coming. However, companies that already have VoIP phone systems started with an advantage.

VoIP allows a law firm to work in the office, on the road, or from home. With so many law firms going remote, client communication is even more important. Employees can take their phone home and work with the same number as if they were sitting at their desk at the office. They can use the same number and functions, just like at work.

A smartphone app also lets you take your calls anywhere. Employees can use the “office number” from any smartphone just as they would make an ordinary call but through the app. Calls can be answered from anywhere and not necessarily sent to voicemail.

In-office or out, video conferencing lets everyone collaborate from anywhere, saving on travel expenses and time.

Is It Time To Bring VoIP To Your Law Firm?

Cutting costs is always a priority for firms, especially small firms. VOIP can help reduce and contain your telecom costs and provide superior web-based telecom services for less than traditional landline services. Bonus: your office phone can follow you anywhere.

Press8 Telecom offers various VoIP telecom services for small to large law firms. We offer no-contract monthly plans that offer a wide range of standard services. Add-on services like call queues to expand your system’s capabilities are also available for an additional and affordable monthly charge.

Find out what Press8 can do for your firm by calling 800-349-VOIP (8647) or using our online contact form.

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