VoIP Features That Help Small Businesses Succeed

More and more small businesses are increasingly turning to VoIP due to its affordability as well as higher voice quality. You may be one of those companies that think VoIP is just a fad which will blow away in a couple of years. Or, perhaps, you’re still not convinced that this voice technology won’t add a lot of value to your business. There are a lot of misconceptions around VoIP, and many corporations are missing out on a plethora of features that can make their operations more efficient, boosting profitability. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key VoIP features for small businesses that make all the difference in the world.

Find Me/Follow Me Call Routing

Perhaps lots of your employees or even yourself have to move around on a daily basis, sourcing clients and attending meetings. In such a scenario, you won’t be able to pick up the phone from the office promptly.

Thanks to the VoIP find me/follow me call routing feature, the service will attempt to call your different phones several times in order to try to find you. This way, you never miss an important call while out on the field or when you’re at home. What’s great about this feature is the fact that it can call all your phones simultaneously or sequentially and if it doesn’t reach you, it will finally send the call to voicemail.

As a small business owner, the last thing you want is to lose out on valuable business, and find me/follow me stops this from happening. In addition, this feature lets you or your employees keep their mobile numbers private; when the other party makes a call, they will only use the main office phone number even as the service routes it to different numbers.

Door Phone Buzzer Entry Integration

If you work in a busy office receiving clients several times a day, it’s important to have an intuitive intercom system which lets you preview visitors before they even enter your office. The door phone buzzer entry integration feature comes can easily be added to your basic VoIP soft phone, and it allows you to take calls from individuals outside your office that may want to gain access to the premises. With this feature, you can talk to and watch visitors before granting them access as well as unlock the door from the phone itself.

Vanity Numbers

As a small business, you must brand yourself in a unique way to separate your company from the thousands in competition with yours in your state and even in the country. Vanity numbers are a great way to give your corporation instant familiarity as well as reduce the frequency of dropped calls. Vanity numbers are easily memorized since they involve words that can be spelled out to point to your company name or a service you provide. With VoIP for small business, you can lay claim to multiple vanity numbers which can lock in a huge amount of traffic in certain geographical reasons if you combine them with clever marketing and ad campaigns.

Account Management

VoIP might make your life easy, but you still have to look at things like phone use, call records, voicemail data and more on a month-to-month basis to ensure that your company’s needs are being met. You can now do this via your own account manager who can keep tabs on your call records and related data, reporting to you as needed. This service may come bundled with your VoIP package or can be purchased separately for an affordable service. Account management can slash your costs and even obliterate the need to have a physical receptionist.

Individual Control Panels

If you’re looking to cultivate independence in your employees, then VoIP is the best way to go due to the individual control panels which come with every VoIP phone. These put the power in the hands of your employees, teaching them valuable skills such as data entry and retrieval, multitasking and using technology to boost their productivity. In addition, they can customize their control panels on their soft phones to suit their working styles, making them more comfortable in their work environment and ultimately boosting their productivity.

Smart queue

Does your small business receive high call volume at any given time? By getting VoIP, you may be able to serve all these clients without compromising on manpower or call experience. VoIP comes with Smart queue, which basically gives callers who call and may not get someone to pick up their calls the option to wait it out in a queue for an estimated number of minutes. This feature asks them to hang up and then call back after these minutes have elapsed in order to get served, or choose the option of being automatically called back later and getting to the front of the queue. This reduces call wait times, cuts call abandonment rates and improves overall client satisfaction.


Do you sometimes wonder how productive your workers are? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore thanks to presence, a great VoIP feature for small business owners who find themselves wringing their hands on account of perceived poor worker productivity. With this feature, you can instantly check on the communication statuses of your workers without resorting to physical snooping. You also get to monitor their various devices from a central location as well as route calls to different departments and individuals seamlessly.

Another great Presence feature is that it lets you set rules on how you’d like phone calls to come in and where they should go should they do so (e.g. do not ring the CEO’s main line after 7pm and only reach them from their cell phone via find me/follow me routing).

Lastly, an auto attendant feature automates call reception and fields them to different departments. It also plays a variety of on-hold tracks as clients wait to be served, in addition to giving them access to different voicemail inboxes by way of a tree depending on which department they would like to leave a message in.

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