VoIP Etiquette Tips

In 2015, more companies are choosing to use VoIP services to field calls and carry out entire business meetings. That being said, not everyone is in the know when it comes to VoIP etiquette. In this post, we’ll take a look at a number of overlooked gaffes made by people when on VoIP calls and what we can do to avoid them in order to make these calls a pleasant affair for everyone involved.

1. Announce Yourself

Many times, you may have to hold a conference call if you’re in negotiations with another company. This will more often than not involve more than 2 people. In such a scenario, cross-talk and confusion may be prevalent due to the number of people participating in the call. It’s always a good idea to announce yourself before you begin talking by stating your name and your location or the company you work for; don’t assume that people will identify you by your voice.

2. Delegate a Leader

If you’re on a VoIP conference call, you will need someone who will steer the conversation to a productive place so that everyone gets to talk and issues get hashed out to everyone’s satisfaction. This would involve assigning a leader before getting into the meat of your conversation or meeting, and making sure that they provide timely interruptions and guidance should the call show signs of getting out of topic.

3. Break Often

It’s not uncommon for a VoIP call to last hours especially if there’s a contract at stake. During such calls, you may want to break after every 60 to 90 minutes to enable people stretch and go use the bathroom should they need to do so. If there are meals to be served, make sure that this break is sufficient (up to 30 to 40 minutes would be ideal) in order to give everyone enough time to reset their batteries.

4. Limit Distractions

We often get into unconscious habits that we find hard to break. If you’re chatting with someone over VoIP, avoid the temptation of looking at your mobile phone, tapping your pen on your desk or doing something else such as checking your emails during the conversation. Give the other party your full attention since they deserve nothing less.

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