From Traditional Office to Virtual Office – Part I

If you are a huge corporation you are used to the traditional office. You may have a very large beautiful building with amazing views out your window. You may be overlooking the ocean, the city or even the statue of Liberty.

You may think it cannot be done to work from home with so many people. You think of all the things that would need to be changed. It seems too far off to become a reality.

You start to figure out the cost of your employees working from home versus working in the current office. The cost of a virtual office far outweighs the cost of a traditional office. Think of how much rent money you spend on your office space per year. Did you gasp? Now think of the electric bills, coffee bill and other free services you offer your employees, office equipment, computers, etc.

When your employees work from home they will no longer have to pay for gas to and from work, wear and tear on a vehicle, bus or train fares if needed, expensive office attire, daycare fees, etc. Your employees may even be able to work more due to saving the transportation time. It is said that when employees work from home they are more productive.

Your employees will have to pay for their own Internet provider which most homes already pay for. Now your employees can write it off as a business expense. You can have your employees set up with a VoIP phone system that will help with all communication throughout your company. Check out our instant quote/order form. You can SAVE your quote and come back later to order! No other hosted phone system company offers this! We’re very proud of it.

It has been tried and tested for companies to go virtual and the benefits far outweigh the traditional office.

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