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The ubiquitous desk phone comes to mind when most people think of office phones. Unfortunately, a desk phone is only for someone sitting at their desk. Portable VoIP phones are becoming popular because people can and do take them everywhere. Shouldn’t you have that same flexibility in your office phone as well?

Wireless headsets are a popular option, but they only allow users to walk a short distance from the phone. After disconnecting the call, a user has to walk back to their desk to dial another call. It becomes inconvenient for employees who do not sit at a desk or for employees who have to walk around while on the phone.

The answer: portable cordless VoIP phones.

Why Portable?

These days, not every employee is necessarily attached to a desk. Warehouses, security, medical facilities, and retail stores have a particular need for on-the-job mobility. Cell phones may be too expensive for a small business and typically do not connect to a company’s phone system. Therefore, here are some of the main reasons for adding a VoIP portable phone to your system:

  • A portable VoIP phone means the employee doesn’t have to put a customer on hold or call them back.
  • Employees can take their phone with them to find an answer from the customer on the line.
  • Users have a wider range from the base than a wireless headset. Individual portable cordless phones can also be part of a company system.
  • Many models have headset jacks or Bluetooth capabilities, allowing employees to clip the phones to a belt and use them hands-free.
  • Others allow you to link multiple handsets to a single base.
  • A business can increase or decrease the number of VoIP portable phones as needed.

What Is DECT?

Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication phones (DECT) are ideal for VoIP since the handset links with the base wirelessly. DECT is the standard for wireless landline phones and enhances all wireless communications.

With a DECT phone, the VoIP line plugs directly into the phone’s base to make calls over your Internet connection. The phone’s base sends a signal to one or more handsets in the area, allowing them to connect and make or receive calls.

DECT offers a wider range, better security, improved sound quality, and a range independent of the WiFi connection.

Top 5 Most Popular Portable Phones For VoIP

These are some of the most popular portable VoIP phones available.

Yealink W56H

This best-selling Yealink W56H works with cloud-based VoIP PBX systems and is a DECT phone compatible with most SIP phone services. The lithium-ion battery offers a wide use range and long battery life. The easy-to-read color display is also easy to use and offers good call quality. This phone also has a speakerphone function, with voice clarity on par with landline phones.

The W56H couples with Yealink’s W60H base, which handles up to eight handsets, eight SIP accounts, and eight live calls at once. Businesses requiring a longer range, roaming, and easy deployment will find Yealink’s portable VoIP phones a great asset to their VoIP telephony.

Grandstream DP722

With an outdoor range of over 900 feet and an indoor range of over 150 feet, the Grandstream DP722 is a lightweight handset that works with nearly any VoIP system. The DP720 can cover a wide range when used with one main base and multiple repeater units. This phone includes a speakerphone, full HD audio, a 3.5mm headset jack, and multiple language support. Each phone supports up to 10 SIP accounts. Three-way conferencing, auto-provisioning, and HD audio are also included.

Paired with the Grandstream DP750 DECT VoIP Base Station (not included), the DP720 makes cordless VoIP simple to use. One base station can support up to five handsets.

Gigaset C530X

This sleek German-made phone system works well in homes and offices. You can buy just one handset with a power supply unit and base or a bundle of four handsets and power supply units at once. Extra handsets and power supply units are also available individually.

Users can personalize each handset with features like ringtone, color, and sound profile choices. Each handset can hold up to 200 contacts.

This phone is ideal for smaller offices. It’s a lower-cost phone with just the essential features, including access to social media. The C530IP offers 14 hours of talk time and 320 hours of standby time, with a 1.8-inch display screen. High Definition Sound Performance™ (HDSP) gives these units some of the best sound quality available in cordless phones.

Snom M65 Professional Handset

For employees who need coverage throughout large buildings or across multiple floors, the Snom M65 is ideal for anyone requiring mobility. The backlit keypad and 2” color screen make it easy to see and use anywhere. Snom’s M65 offers hands-free talk via a headset plug with a wideband speakerphone. It features DECT encryption, a local and shared address book, and 250 hours of standby. Snom’s M85 is a similar model for industrial workplaces with more features and is built for indoor and outdoor use.

Plantronics CT14 Cordless DECT Headset Telephone

If your employees need a basic hands-free headset to get the job done, Plantronics CT14 fits the bill. The small dial pad has a plug-in headset and is easy to pick up and answer. DECT 6.0 means the noise-canceling microphone is unaffected by wireless networks. The CT14 has a range of 300 feet from the base.

The dial pad offers 10 hours of talk time with eight days of standby time on a single charge. A convertible headset that users can wear over the ear or over the head is great for all-day wear. It’s also ideal for employees working from home.

Choosing The Best Portable VoIP Phone For Your Business

Before you pick a phone and click “buy,” there are a few things you need to consider:

  • The budget you have for updating to portable VoIP phones
  • The size of your team and the possibility of growing
  • What kind of range do you need
  • The features you need now and an option to add more later

We’ll work with you to determine what your business needs and can afford for VoIP service. Contact Press 8 Telecom today to learn more about VoIP portable phones and VoIP-hosted PBX service for your small business. We’ll also help you determine the best setup for your needs and give you a free quote.

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