Top 7 CRM Solutions for Business 2022

CRM stands for “customer relationship management” system. It’s used as a hub for all your sales, marketing, and support activities — as well as for helping train your staff. It’s like your brain for all things business, helping you keep track of everything that goes into growing it and being successful.

Now you might be wondering how you should go about selecting the right CRM for your business. Once that’s done, you need to figure out how to make it work for your business, after all that’s why you bought the software.

Here are 10 top CRM software solutions for small businesses in 2022 and the highlights of each. I hope it helps you to choose the right one for your business.


Keap is an all-in-one solution for managing your clients, marketing your services, and automating the tedious bits of your business so you can spend more time helping people.

With Keap, you can keep track of all your contacts in one place, no matter how many ways you’ve connected with them (whether it be through email, phone, social media, or in-person). You can connect to your payment processors so that they’ll automatically receive invoices when they’re due, as well as send mass emails to groups of people based on how they’ve interacted with your business.

And while Keap helps you manage the workflows and interactions that happen behind the scenes, it also helps with marketing. You can use templates to create landing pages and forms that fit right into the look and feel of your brand. This makes it easy to create a seamless customer experience for everyone who interacts with your business.

Finally, automation tools help you systematize tasks like sending out follow-ups or scheduling appointments so you have more time to devote to serving your customers!

Price: $40 first user then $30 per user.


Insightly is a good CRM tool for small businesses because it’s easy to set up, doesn’t require any training, and offers unlimited records and users.

Because Insightly is a cloud-based CRM, you can use it anywhere with an internet connection. It also integrates with Google Apps and Office 365. If you already use these two applications regularly, adding Insightly to your workflow should be easy.

The best part about Insightly is that it’s free for three users on the basic plan, making it one of the most affordable ways to get started with a CRM.

Price: Free or $29 per user for more features

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. (Yes, it’s free!) It helps you connect with your customers, grow your business, and get more done – all in one place. What makes HubSpot CRM different?

HubSpot CRM is 100% free. Yup, no price tag here!

HubSpot CRM is fully integrated with its marketing tools, so you don’t have to work with multiple platforms.

You can generate leads on your website without coding knowledge by using HubSpot Marketing Free tools such as forms and pop-ups

HubSpot CRM offers a centralized location for all of your customer data so that your team has a single source of truth about clients and prospects.

It integrates with other popular software including Gmail, Slack, Salesforce, and more. This helps you work better as a team and save time on switching apps to get things done.

It comes with features like a contact management system that allows you to track all interactions with leads or customers through email or phone calls; pipeline management tools that give users visibility into where they are in their sales.

Price: Free or $45 per two users for more features.


Freshsales is a simple, affordable CRM software that lets you sell more and service better. Built for small businesses, it offers all the essential CRM features to run your business smarter, including pre-built sales workflows, automated lead scoring, and intuitive customer journey maps.

While Freshsales includes the most essential CRM features like lead management and email tracking, it also helps you unleash the full potential of your sales team by creating custom stages in your sales pipeline. You can also add custom fields to your leads and contacts to capture crucial information and make informed decisions.

With Freshsales, you get a 360° view of all customer interactions, so you know exactly who’s doing what without having to switch between apps. You can easily track all activities like emails, calls, and meetings on a single page for each customer. Schedule meetings in one click, integrate with popular telephony tools and automatically log calls as activities inside Freshsales CRM.

Freshsales comes with powerful features like web popups that allow you to capture leads directly from your site or blog. You can also build multiple landing pages within the app using its drag-and-drop editor.

Pricing starts at $18 per user, per month. With this CRM, you can manage your sales pipeline, automate workflows, customize reports, and integrate with more than 200 apps. It also offers a free Chrome extension that lets you capture leads from your inbox and add them directly to the CRM.

Price: Free or $18 per user for more features.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the most powerful and popular CRM software on the market. When you compare it to other options, such as Salesforce or Hubspot, you’ll find that it is much more affordable. You can start with the free version of Zoho CRM, which offers up to 3 users, 10,000 records, and up to 18 modules.

With Zoho CRM you can customize your dashboard view so that you can easily access the features that you use every day at work. You can also configure your sales pipeline and add stages based on your sales process. You can also add custom fields to capture data that you want to store in Zoho CRM.

The Standard Edition costs just $20 per month for each user and gives you access to all Zoho CRM features and unlimited records. The Professional Edition starts at $35 per month and gives you access to advanced sales automation functions. Finally, the Enterprise Edition starts at $65 per month and gives you access to a dedicated account manager and custom portal creation tools.

Price: Free or $20 per user for more features.

Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 provides a comprehensive communication hub to boost sales, automate marketing and customer support activities, as well as improve collaboration between employees. You can use the internal chat, create groups and channels, make voice and video calls, join desktop sharing sessions, and much more!

Bitrix24 gives you access to several telephony options: cloud PBX, Twilio, or Bitrix24 Connector for Asterisk (on-premise). Regardless of which telephony option you choose, your phone calls will be automatically logged in to CRM. You won’t have to manually log any call information after a conversation is over!

Bitrix24 lets you integrate various social media platforms with your CRM to attract new leads from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can set up automated posting to these social networks based on specified conditions.

Price: Free or $50/5 Users for more features.

Salesforce CRM

One of the most popular CRM tools on the market today is Salesforce. This cloud-based CRM tool has been around for about 20 years and is used by many small to mid-sized businesses as well as large companies.

The Salesforce platform also provides numerous add-ons that you can use to make your work a lot easier. You’ll find everything from social media management tools to AI-powered analytics tools that you can use for your business.

If you know HTML and CSS, you can create and manage your own Salesforce-like apps using AppBuddy. You don’t need to hire expensive app developers or spend a lot of money on development and maintenance. With AppBuddy, you get an affordable, scalable SaaS solution that will help you close deals faster.

Pricing –  $25-$300/mo billed annually

We hope you find this list helpful. Just remember that finding the right Small Business CRM tool is essential in order to run your business and stay organized. The right system will help you track leads, manage contacts, and make sure your business is running smoothly. Each of the tools listed above has lots of functionality to offer small businesses, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.



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