Top 6 Time Management Tools for Small Business Owners

If you want to win in business you have to be great at time management. You already know you need to cut back on the meeting, get better at scheduling and working your goals and cut back on the distractions. Putting this into practice however, can be something totally different.

Right now is the time to put an end to wasting time and start rocketing your productivity. These 6 time management tips and tools are just what you need to get and stay on the right path…

For Streamlining Communications

Google’s range of free apps is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners on a budget. TheGoogle Calendar can be synchronized with other users in real time to enhance you scheduling.Google Docs will allow you to save time searching for documents and sharing them while you and your team can stay connected with Gmail Chat and have your calls forwarded to Google Voice for a one stop connectivity solution.

Project Management & Collaboration

Today’s new breed of business models with virtual staff all over the globe can lead to many management and collaboration headaches and time lapses. Bringing it altogether with a project management solution like Basecamp eliminates the need for dozens of emails, streamlines workflow and updates and makes delegating tasks a breeze.

Social Media Management & Analytics

Social media may be one of the most important and affordable marketing methods today but it is also one of the most time intensive, sucking up an incredible amount of hours on basic data entry tasks. Sprinklr’s SIREn enables organizations to management multiple accounts, publishing, conversations and monitor performance all in one place. One of the most important time management tools for getting the edge in 2012.


Despite our best efforts, sometimes we just can’t resist engaging in time wasting tasks on the web. A Google Chrome extension, StayFocusd is your steroid pumped time guardian who won’t let you mess around. This time management tool will block your usage of certain activities after your allowable limit each day. Say goodbye to burning the clock on Farmville, Angry Birds Space, stalking your ex, looking for new love on Facebook and Googling yourself. At least until the weekend comes around.

Rescue Time

A favorite app of 4 Hour Work Week author Tim Ferriss, Rescue Time takes off where StayFocusd ends. A huge part of the time management battle can be identifying where you are wasting it. Rescue Time analyzes your time usage on the internet and delivers easy to read reports so that you can decide what you need to limit or block. Claims to save users 3 hours and 54 minutes a week.

Get an Assistant

With outsourced assistants available at such affordable rates there is no excuse for any entrepreneur or business owner not to have at least one or two of them. Let them handle all of your non-business tasks throughout the week as well as screening your phone calls so that you are only talking to those who are turning your time into real dollars.

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