Tips for Maximum Productivity

We all have the same number of hours in the day, your success depends on what you do with them.

You have the same number of the hours in the day as Donald Trump, Bill Gates or any other business leader who inspires you. Now we have even seen entrepreneurs building winning businesses with a 4 hour work week.

Clearly rocketing your business to the next level is all about developing an elite level of productivity but that doesn’t mean becoming a black belt master of multi-tasking.

Check out the following 7 tips:

1. Don’t Multi-Task

Multi-tasking is the number one productivity killer. Instead of accomplishing 3 things, you may end up not getting anything finished. You are far better off exclusively focusing on one task at a time. This means turning off your cell, closing out of your social media accounts and even refusing yourself the temptation to check your email. Even if there is a hot lead there, it will still be there in 2 hours.

2. Delegate Like a Maniac

Somethings are just time intensive no matter how fast you get at doing them so you must learn to delegate. Anything that can be delegated must be delegated. This doesn’t mean just hiring a personal assistant. It means hiring multiple assistants, hiring an assistant for your personal assistant and bringing in a manager to run daily tasks so that you are truly free to work on the most important items.

3. Work Out

Serial entrepreneur and business mogul Richard Branson has been quoted as saying the single most important thing for increasing his own productivity is working out everyday. Similarly studies by the world’s leading universities have also proven a dramatic increase in productivity among those who work out on a regular basis. You don’t have to turn into an iron pumping freak of nature but at least walk or take up a sport.

4. Eat Better

It is easy to get burnt out, feel mentally tired and order junk food so that you can stay chained to your desk when you are focusing hard. However, eating poorly and downing energy drinks can also make your sugar levels crash, slowing you down even further. Strive to eat better and you will feel better, more alert and more energetic. Think almonds, cucumbers, bananas and eggs for a power diet to increase your productivity.

5. It’s OK to Take Breaks Too

Putting in more hours doesn’t guarantee more success. It is about what you get done when you are at your desk. If that means getting up and stretching your legs once an hour, doing a lap around the parking lot once every couple hours or going to grab a cup of coffee then do it.

6. Kill the Meetings

Meetings may just be your number one enemy when it comes to productivity, even if they are by phone or video conferencing. Unless they are absolutely essential, then it is absolutely essential that you avoid them.

7. Work on Your Own Agenda

If you let others throw you off of your schedule you will always be behind. There will always be distractions, emergencies and people who want to waste your time. Be brutal here. Do you think any of the great conquerors from the past would have allowed others to interrupt them or dictate when they should do something? Then you shouldn’t either.

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