Telecommuting Saves the Planet and Saves Money

There are many positive benefits to letting your employees work at least some of their time at home.  At Press8, our employees have the option of working one day a week at home.  For some small businesses it would be entirely possible for most of their employees to work from home full time. 

As we discussed yesterday, this helps the company save money and “go green” because for each day that an employee works at home there is an equivalent of 12 hours worth of energy saved, but there are even more savings than that to the employer.

Think about how much less office space you would need and how much less rent you would pay for each month.  Think about not having to buy new office furniture.  Imagine not having to buy a coffee machine and order coffee.  You would purchase fewer office supplies, less toilet paper and cleaning products…the list goes on and on.

The reality is that by allowing employees to telecommute not only are you helping to save the planet but you are helping increase your bottom line. 

There are other benefits to having employees telecommute in addition to saving money and doing your part to go green and help save our planet, too.  Employees are often happier working from home because they don’t have to deal with traffic.  They also save money on expenses like gas, work clothing and lunches out which is like getting a big raise.  Happier employees are more productive employees and your customers are likely to receive better customer service.

And the really great thing about allowing your employees telecommute is that your callers have no idea that everyone isn’t at the office. If you have a VoIP hosted PBX, calls are transferred seamlessly to each employees IP phone as if they were all in the same office.  Your phone system has all the same features that a larger company has with music to entertain callers while they are on hold and so forth.  You get the image of a large company with a very small budget and you can help save the environment.

I firmly believe that VoIP hosted PBX systems are changing the landscape of the workplace and helping us keep the landscape of our earth beautiful…how could it get any better than that?

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