T1 Connection with VoIP

If you are considering switching to the VoIP hosted phone system, you will be amazed at the difference.  The voice quality stands out first as you can actually “hear” the difference.  But, what brings this all together is your T1 connection with VoIP.

Press8 Telecom has partnered with TW Telecom to provide the best service for your business. 

A T1 connection carries about 24 digitalized voice channels (or data at a rate of 1.544 megabits per second).  With a combination of high speed internet, voice and data traffic it all works together at a blazing fast speed.  Protection at the router level is provided for your voice and data information.

With more bandwidth, reliability and voice quality, why not make the switch to VoIP today?  We can upgrade your system in 48 hours.  With our plug and go capability, you will not have to worry about any software issues or construction work in your office as there are no cables to deal with.

Make the switch today.  See and “hear” the difference that Press8 Telecom can give your business.  Ask about our plans and ways to save money on your monthly phone bill each month!

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